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C’è aria di Primavera


Oggi vi posto un bellissimo tutorial per realizzare una ghirlanda decorativa. Fuori c’è aria di primavera, perchè non portarla anche in casa?? Basta avere degli avanzi di stoffa ed un pò di pazienza!!

I honest to goodness hope and pray that fabric flowers never go out of style.  I hope we wear them, use them in decor, and put them on anything remotely flowerable until I am old and grey.  My love of flowers and gardening grows each year but to be able to craft them from fabric or other materials simply fascinates me.  And they last which makes my joy for them truly complete.

This fabric garland makes me so happy.  When I made the leaf garland, I was not sure what kind of flowers I wanted to make or if I should even add them.  I am so glad I did! I love that the flowers make this so versatile.  From decor, to a party, to holiday decorating.  It is just so pretty.  And the different kind of flower possibilities make me swoon with delight!  Aren’t I sappy over this thing?

I want to share with you how I made these flowers.  I originally got this diy flower pin tutorial fromMomtastic. She used this petal flower to make a pin but I tweeked her tutorial a bit by making these flowers become removable by adding little twisty fasteners.

Here is MY tute…

To make this you will need: scissors (that cut fabric), a glue gun, several large and several small petals and a small felt circle. Cut out several large and small petals for your flower.
  Cut a slit at the bottom of each petal. It will look like it has little legs. 🙂
 Starting with one of your LARGE petals, cross the legs and hot glue them to your circle.
This helps the petal stand up.
I tried a zillion different ways to do this and this way works the best.
Do this all the way around with your LARGE petals.
Now start a second row with your small petals. Keep doing this until you get to the center and have the fullness you want. I ended up cutting out even smaller petals for the center.
Now you made a pretty little flower.
I decided not to put anything in the center but you can definitely add a fabric/regular button,  pearl, bead or whatever in the center to give it a more finished look. Nothing suited me so I just left it the way it was.
Now for the backs…
You need all this stuff and your glue gun too!
Make a “U” shape with your wire and hot glue it to the back of your flower on the felt circle.
Add a little more hot glue and cover the center with your little felt square and you are done!
 Just fasten it to your vine like a twist tie and you will have a fabric flower and leaf vine.

Ghirlande primaverili


Oggi vi pubblico alcune idee da cui trarre spunto per creare la vostra ghirlanda primaverile. Le ho prese dalle mie blogger preferite! Cosa ne pensate? Che tipo di ghirlanda primaverile farete?


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