Come riciclare vecchie magliette


Molte volte buttiamo via, o facciamo stracci con le vecchie magliette… ma si possono creare delle colorate, divertenti e sempre utili borse per la spesa! Ecco un tutorial che ci spiega come farle, anche se è in inglese è spiegato molto bene grazie alle foto. Assolutamente molto semplice da realizzare! Buon riciclo creativo! 

The other day I was going through my boys vast t-shirt collection and getting rid of the ones they no longer wear for one reason or another.  I ended up with 3 perfectly good t-shirts that were too small now and were just begging to be given another chance. So I decided to make a few more of these grocery bags that I first discovered back in Nov.  Right now I only have the one I made…and that just won’t cut it when shopping for 3 “boys” every week.

Both of these “tutorials” are SO easy….they really don’t even require instructions. I think the pictures can speak for themselves.

#1:  Get a pair of scissors. 🙂  (Or “get a scissors”, according to the hubster. How do you say it?? I’m certain I’m right! lol)
#2:  Cut off collar with your PAIR OF SCISSORS! 🙂  I just free-handed a dotted line with a Sharpie just to have something to follow.
#3:  Cut of sleeves just inside the seam.
#4:  Turn t-shirt inside out and sew a seam along the bottom.
#5:  Trim the excess seam (completely optional…you just just leave it.)
#6:  Turn right side out and you’re done! (Is being “done” a step? So many questions!)

A couple of things about these bags….they hold a TON OF STUFF!!! Which is GOOD, unless you just keep filling them until they are super full and you can’t even LIFT them. Just keep that in mind. Also, they are super STRONG!  Don’t have to worry about these babies busting a seam and sending a sackful of produce rolling across the parking lot!

The ONLY thing I have found to be tricky about using these bags for grocery shopping is actually REMEMBERING to TAKE THEM grocery shopping!  (So if any of you reading this see me at the grocery store without my t-shirt bags…just assume I have forgotten them…once again.) But I am trying a new tactic. I moved them to this little wall-thingy with pegs that hangs right by our door to the garage…hopefully this will be the reminder I need.

Now for my second, less practical t-shirt craft….The T-shirt Headband! Either I am getting more and more crafty since I started this blog….or this project really IS super duper easy! Hopefully a little of both. 🙂

Start out with……guess what???  An old t-shirt!  🙂  In this case it was a perfectly good t-shirt my 16 year old had somehow managed to get bleach spots on. (It certainly couldn’t have been moi!)  But since I’d been on the lookout for a t-shirt I could use to do this project I only PRETENDED to be dismayed. Inside I was thinking…….I can work with blue! 😉  No one tell him that.

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